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Why does Fred Williams New Home Sales have preferred lenders?

Securing a loan is likely the most important step towards buying your new home. But with hundreds of lenders and loan programs to choose from, it can quickly get confusing.

So we've teamed up with some of the best in the area to help make your loan process as easy as possible. Our Preferred Lenders are on the cutting edge of loan programs available, and are committed to quick pre-approvals and getting to the closing table on time, with a loan that's right for you.

Orderly Process

orderly_process.20100129-120623_thm.jpgThere are a wide variety of mortgage lenders, banks, and brokers in the residential lending business today.  It is difficult to ascertain which of these lenders will be reliable, competitive and service oriented to Fred Williams New Home Sales' valued customer.

Customized Loan Products

loan_products.20100129-120609_thm.jpgOur preferred lenders are very knowledgeable of the wide array of mortgage loan products available.  These products are always offered at competitive rates.  We have established a long-term relationship with our preferred lenders, which creates a smooth transaction that benefits our customers.


experience.20100129-121017_thm.jpgOur preferred lenders have decades of mortgage banking experience.  This provides our customer with a level of expertise that makes the lending process very courteous, smooth and professional.

Customized Service

customized_service.20100129-121216_thm.jpgOne of our preferred lenders primary roles is to service our customer exclusively.  Their staff is available to fit within the customer's scheduling needs, in order to make your home buying experience as comfortable as possible

Full Disclosure

full_disclosure.20100129-120638_thm.jpgOur preferred lenders pride themselves on pre-closing dialogue with the customer so as to ensure "no surprises" at the settlement table.