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Since its founding in 1979, Fred Williams New Homes Sales, Inc. has sold thousands of homes throughout the Low County. Born and raised in Savannah, Fred Williams has seen firsthand the growth and changes in the area's housing needs, leading to the company's mission of bringing you "More For Less" - using cutting edge design and top-quality building techniques to give you more square footage, more features and more efficiency, all at an affordable price.

Family business is nothing new to Fred Williams, as his father owned and operated Williams Heating Company, Inc. for over 25 years. At the age of 12, Fred started working with his father learning about technological innovation. His father did not simply install heating and air systems, but designed and manufactured his own air conditioning and heat pump units. Through careful study, Fred's father grew ahead of his time...a trait that Fred himself would carry with him as he ventured into home building.

Not only experienced in business, Fred is also a big believer in education, holding four degrees including Engineering, Law, Real Estate and a Master of History--all of which have aided him in staying one step ahead.

Now, with daughter Stevie joining forces in the business, Fred Williams New Home Sales, Inc. brings you the next generation of buyers the dream of home ownership homebuilding. From all of us at the Company, thank you for letting us be a part of bringing you the excitement, joy and security of home ownership... from our family to yours.